What We Do

Our focus is to understand your business and the consumers you’re looking to reach. Taska Media can offer new insights and strategies to ensure goals and targets are achieved. We understand how media is consumed and the habits of customers when on their path to purchase. At Taska Media, we have our finger on the pulse and make it our goal to understand who the new media businesses are and their offerings.

Traditional Media

Christian Simon heads up our traditional media division with over 17 years experience working for some of Australia’s largest media networks. Placement, low media costs, whilst consideration of environment are what we place as the most important components to delivering successful campaigns for our clients. Our approach is to adopt a precise audience evaluation similar to that used for audience segmentation on a digital campaigns. We understand the intricacies and capabilities of all mediums allowing us to offer, without bias, ideal solutions for our clients to achieve and exceed their business objectives.

Digital and Programmatic

Taska Media is at the forefront of technology and innovation, in particular the online space. The digital world can be daunting for the uninitiated. We try to make this as non complicated as possible. We find the right online platforms for you to reach your next customer. Taska Media's digital offering runs across all screens and devices. We will find the correct platform for your brand whether it be programmatic, social, native, influencer marketing, sponsorship's, location based targeting, pre roll, buy outs and music and podcast streaming.

Creative and Production

As a full service agency offering, Taska Media works with some of the best creative agencies in Australia. By working with & for you, we help to get your creative message right for each media platform. We have our finger on the pulse and can help you find the best rates, options and opportunities to produce your creative & media assets.

Research and

We’ll work with our internal systems, supplier systems and your Google Analytics to analyse and deliver the necessary insights to you for a clear understanding of your campaign performance.

Channel Planning
and Strategy

Taska Media believes a good campaign starts with the right strategy. We will work with you to create the right message and deliver it on the right platforms at the right time. A great deal of time is spent utilising audience and statistical data to determine the best time and place to put your brand so you are connecting with as much of your key audience as possible, maximising your marketing dollar. We have the experience to create bespoke advertising campaigns utilising multiple platforms to create maximum reach and impact.


Working closely with other channels, we help improve SEO results with tactics that are focussed towards your long term success. We supplement our organic efforts with the most cost-effective AdWords campaigns helping your audience find you.

Social Media Marketing

Forget about likes. We focus on metrics that push the needle for your bottom line. We treat social differently as it shouldn't simply be a bolt on to digital campaigns. Our team creates bespoke content to engage your audience and reach your customers across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. We employ social to generate leads and leverage your entire digital strategy.


Through our collaboration with our PR partner, we can get your brand national and international media coverage allowing you to capitalise on an avalanche of leads, ultimately helping you boost sales. Using proven PR strategies, securing priceless news coverage can boost your business and brand awareness, often overnight.

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